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Raid Ant Killer Bait (4 Count) - Kills Ants for 3 Months

Eliminate Ant Infestations for Good with Raid Ant Killer Baits - Kills the Colony and Provides Long-Lasting Protection for 3 Months!

- Child-resistant: The baits are designed with a child-resistant mechanism, ensuring that they are safe to use in households with children and pets.
- Convenient: The pack comes with 4 baits, making it easy to place them in various areas of your home where ants are likely to be present. The baits are also easy to use, requiring no additional setup or maintenance.

Raid Ant Killer Baits are the perfect solution for households dealing with pesky ant infestations. These baits are designed to kill the entire ant colony, not just the ants you see. With a long-lasting formula, Raid Ant Killer Baits can keep killing ants for up to three months. The child-resistant packaging ensures that the baits are safe to use around children and pets. Each package contains four baits, making it easy to place them in areas where ants are commonly found. Say goodbye to ant problems with Raid Ant Killer Baits.