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128oz Harris Ant & Termite Spray

Eliminate Carpenter Ants and Termites with Harris' Powerful 128oz Spray Treatment!

- Easy to use: The spray bottle design of this product makes it easy to apply, allowing you to target specific areas where carpenter ants and termites are present. Simply spray the affected areas and let the product do its job.
- Safe for indoor and outdoor use: The Harris Carpenter Ant Killer & Termite Control Treatment is safe for use both indoors and outdoors. It is also odorless and non-staining, making it an ideal solution for controlling pests without leaving any unwanted traces or odors.

Harris Carpenter Ant Killer & Termite Control Treatment is the ultimate solution for those struggling with carpenter ants and termites infestation. This 128oz spray is designed to provide quick and effective results in eliminating these pests from your home or office. The powerful formula targets and kills carpenter ants and termites on contact, leaving your surroundings pest-free. The easy-to-use spray bottle allows for convenient application, reaching all the nooks and crannies where pests may be hiding. This product is safe to use indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile solution for all your pest control needs. Say goodbye to carpenter ants and termites with Harris Carpenter Ant Killer & Termite Control Treatment.